Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gord having a bad day = card making for me!

OK, so we got new appliances and it hasn't gone so well. The stove was damaged, the dishwasher knocks out the breaker and the fridge is louder than Gord thought. Sooo, he wasn't having such a great day on Sunday. I decided to get out of his hair and went down to my craft room to study and do some homework. When I finished that, I thought I should make a Mother's Day card and I ended up making 5 others! CRAZY! Anyway, here they are.... Still need to figure out how to post in an "attractive" way so bear with me.

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Jessica said...

1. Sorry to hear about grumpy G.
2. Hope you guys got the appliances figured out!
3. Yay, new cards!
4. Boo, I can't see the last one.

Seriously though, super cute. Love the bird cage (as always), and the flowers (is that a punch?) and the glitter bird (it looks like sugared candy!)

Leanne said...

I'll have to add the other pics to another post. See I need help with my posting! FYI, DON'T punch the sticky tape with the sticky side exposed. NOT cool.......... Hope my birdie punch survives. The flowers are chipboard that I glued patterened paper to!

care_bear said...

The cards look great! I haven't even made a Mother's Day card yet....better get one that!

Shannon said...

Imagine my shock when I saw you updated your blog! With all the studying and stuff I thought you'd be too busy!!!

Also, I really don't like your background... I want to iron out the wrinkles every time I look at it ;P