Sunday, September 27, 2009

What to do?????

This is my 1/2 card done yesterday. The picture doesn't really do it justice. The "black" inner part of the flower is actually gray........... I'm going to try and get some gray ribbon to put on it but don't really know how to finish it. Any ideas?
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Finally, card pics!

Ok, so here are the cards I made yestersay. Since I haven't posted anything in a while, I'll have to get Jessica to show me how to format everything so it looks normal! BUT, I didn't want to wait to post pics so this is what you get! Stamps are by Impress, Amuse and SU. Bling is Amuse. Any thoughts?
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6 1/2 cards..............

I spent alot of last night looking at blogs and websites trying to get motivated. Seems it may have worked. I made 6 1/2 cards today! Of course it took me all night... There is still one I'm trying to figure out how to finish. I'll post pics tomorrow as I'm too tired now.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What? It's only been 5 months................

Ok, so I haven't posted in quite some time. Oops! Alot has happened in that time. I became an Aunt for the 3rd time (Thea Dodge Boguski was born May 25th) and found out I'll be an Aunt for a 4th time in November (another Kiwi baby!).

I did alot of training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer (Vancouver to Seattle on a BIKE!) which I completed the WHOLE THING and would like to thank everyone who sponsored me. It was such a great experience I've signed up for next year (guess I should get back to training).

I've applied to be a volunteer with the local police department (still waiting for the security to go through). Those classes should hopefully be starting soon. It's was a very HOT summer without much rain which is very unusual for Vancouver.

AND......... Gord and I went to Paris a couple weeks ago! It's an AMAZING city. We were in Paris for 7 days then went to visit my cousin in Aix-en-Provence in the south! It's sooooo different than Paris. Very warm and beautiful. I'm still going through my pictures but will try and post a couple when I've thinned them out!

Speaking of warm, it's September 25 (Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away) and it's STILL summer like weather! I can only imagine what our winter will be like............................................

One thing I HAVEN'T done much of is crafting.................................. I just haven't been able to motivate myself. I've been looking at different blogs and SCS to get ideas. It's now after 10:00pm (my usual crafting start time) so I think I'll try to get something done. Wish me luck!