Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's been a pink kind of day!

So I finally spent some time in my craft room. I managed to get THREE cards done which is pretty good for me! I got these ideas from Splitcoast Stampers. All three were quick to make, it was coming up with the ideas and colours that took all the time. I'm hoping that I'm on a roll. Next time I'll try to use something other than pink! You can't tell but I used Stickles on all three cards to add a little bit of sparkle (the bird, flames on chandelier and dots on green flourish). Here's hoping I can stay on this crafting "blitz"!

Stamps by Amuse and Stampin' Up.
Punches by Marvy and Stampin' Up.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old cards instead of new

Since I didn't make many new cards today, I thought I'd post a few older ones. I actually ended up sending some of these out this year as I didn't make any new Chrstimas cards this year due to the fact I was trying to get my craft room set up! You'll have to excuse the layout as I seem to be having trouble arranging stuff. Guess I'll have to get another tutorial from Jessica!

First card of 2010!!!!

Ok, so here's the first card made in my craft room! I ended up looking through stuff and looking at pics on the computer so this is all I did.... My problem is, I start looking at blogs and then don't have time to craft! I also started planning my next order for Stamp Club so that also took up some of my time. But it IS nice to have a room to call my own.

Craft Room pics!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I've waited for this for soooooo long and here it is , my CRAFT ROOM! I haven't done much crafting in here yet as I was trying to clear out all the Christmas stuff. I still have a fair amount of organizing to do but I hope to get down there today.

I still need to get Gord to hang my stamp shelves on the wall and figure out where to put other odds and ends but I'm pretty happy with it! Any thoughts or ideas? I'm going to try to post pics of some cards later. I know I keep saying that but I'm hoping today is the day!